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Chanta skillfully restrains Carly and gives her pleasure and pain

Humiliating spankings Cartoon bondage

Some bdsm torture story: Your are helplessly stretched upon the ground with a soft blanket the only thing between your back and the wet, moist earth of the forest. I have placed soft foam pads over your eyes held in place by a leather belt wrapped tightly around your head. I have also placed the headphones from my portable CD player into your ears. You just lie there, listening to Mozart's Jupiter symphony and wondering when I will return. ..

Nina gets taken out for some boating fun. First she is hogtied - as the boat bumps over the waves she must fight her bonds to balance. Later when the boat is anchored she is suspended from the stern - a metal hook gently fucks her as she sways back and forth in the breeze. As the afternoon draws on, she is taken ashore to a deserted island and suspended from a convenient tree.

Cartoon bondage

Real bondage, real bondage loving women/slaves

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Posted: 11:43, 2009-Dec-5 in bdsmtorture

19 year old blond, bound, fucked, forced to suck, sold to bidder.

Nipple bondage Domination submission

Sample of bdsm torture story: We would take turns telling each other really mean and nasty fantasies starring her. She would always put down Tim and make fun of him in front of her friends. And girls mostly ignored him. Since I was his only friend, I got treated pretty much the same way by her crowd. That was before girls really mattered. The summer after our Junior year was especially bad. They were cheerleaders at one of the large Florida universities, so they were as popular as Staci and as mean to Tim and me as she was. ..

Gwen Diamond is not your typical cute blond 20 year old. She is truly a textbook nymphomaniac. So, we welcome our sex starved California girl and give her the Hogtied treatment. Being a self proclaimed orgasm junkie, Gwen has the most intense orgasms of her life on our set -- that is saying something! Bound, helpless and forced to cum over and over, Gwen suffers through tight bondage and amazing nipple torture. Pain makes her cum even harder and so we took advantage of that fact repeatedly.

Domination submission

Writhing in tight bondage – a slave"s dream

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Posted: 07:41, 2009-Dec-2 in bdsmtorture

Daphne's huge 36G breasts get tighly bound.

Free bondage story Women in bondage

Some bdsm torture story: Your hips trying so desperately to move. I caress your legs, brush against your pussy (you are so wet!), cup your breasts (they are so hard!). The time is here. I want you. I squirm and writhe desperately while I try to figure out what is to happen to me next You have moved away, I can't see you. I want you inside me. You pull off my blindfold. Our lips meet. my arms around your neck, my legs around your waist. ..

Bobbi Starr is one of the hottest rising starlets of the adult industry. She started her career right here at Kink.com and she came back to play with us at Hogtied. Bobbi embodies the phrase "too pretty for porn" and she has a genuine love for bondage and submission. Her stamina is put to the test with pussy torment and multiple forced orgasms that drain this little slutaˆ™s desire for more. In the end she is a shaking worn out mess, but definitely a happy mess.

Women in bondage

Helpless, bound slaves brought to intense orgasm


Posted: 01:27, 2009-Dec-2 in bdsmtorture

teenage lesbian rape

Men in bondage Female nipple torture

Little bdsm torture story: Oh how your ass was made to be whipped! I exclaimed as I traced one thin line from side to side with my index finger. I pried the lower half of the cheeks apart, exposing the anal ring, and touched the crinkled opening lightly with the tip of the birch rod. MMM! whimpered Cheryl behind the gag, afraid that I might penetrate the tiny orifice with the thin wood. With my left palm resting right at the crest of her buttocks, just over the top of the crack of her ass, I drove the birch rod across the tender flesh with a loud crack, followed immediately by an agonizing, softly muffled shriek from deep within Cheryl's throat. ..

Tia Ling's a hot Asian girl who has recently discovered a liking and appreciation for submission and bondage. In her first lesbian BDSM experience, Tia is dominated by Maitresse Madeline who takes her through an intense and erotic session. Includes suspension anal sex, hard ass flogging, incredibly sexy ass licking, powerful orgasms and much more!

Female nipple torture

Real BDSM powerplay.

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Posted: 03:46, 2009-Nov-30 in bdsmtorture

lesbian teachers rape

Bdsm toys Women in bondage

Some bdsm torture story: Pam struggled to deny it, but the sticky residue on her thighs forced her to admit that she was sexually attracted to a man for the first time in her life. As she cleaned herself, it was difficult not to start touching herself. To keep herself from giving in to her desires, Pam tried to think about the assignment her teacher had given her. First she thought about her job. In our society, she thought, people in such positions have much less status than the person who employs them. ..

Seven is back for more punishment with Chanta. There is water torture, strapon sex, forced ass licking, caning, hair pulling, spanking and more!!!

Women in bondage

Real woman-on-woman power play


Posted: 02:50, 2009-Nov-30 in bdsmtorture

strap-on sex lesbian rape

Outdoor bondage Bondage rape

A piece of bdsm torture story: He wasn't the playboy. He seemed to want a relationships, but they always fizzled. The same things happened for day to day. That was a trade rule. On the first level, at the end of the west hall, there was a room that was off limits to all employees. Marcy would walk pass it almost every day and wonder what behind it was so secret, that it had to be locked up so tight. She never was asked to clean it, or serve drinks in it. ..

It's Janay's turn to get her hands on the loveable Ivy who takes some good foot punishment and plenty of ass whipping!

Bondage rape

Real woman on woman power play

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Posted: 11:54, 2009-Nov-30 in bdsmtorture

When bondage meets a fantasy world this is what you get: Maya

Torture rack Torture sextorture stories

A bit of bdsm torture story: The Master smiled as she looked to him. She looked directly into his eyes as she worked herself. Finally she leaned forward again and began sucking him again. Then she sat back again and ran two fingers against her clit and into her vagina for his and her Master's enjoyment. She wondered what he would do. Nothing she had done was painful in the usual sense of the word, quite the opposite. He could not be still now and the Master warned him that if he were not still he would never order her to finish him off. ..

Welcome new comer Cassie to Hogtied. Cassie and Dana are two beautiful harem girls trying to find their way out of the dark catacombs of the Mad Monk. The girls' orgasms shake the walls of the underground dungeon as their passion for bondage echo through out the caverns.

Torture sextorture stories

Sexy women, helpless, and forced to orgasm

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Posted: 09:40, 2009-Nov-29 in bdsmtorture

lesbian rape porn

Bdsm drawings Bdsm cartoons

A bit of bdsm torture story: While she was walking along, a black van had pulled up beside her. She then felt a sharp jab in her arm and had blacked out. She then realized that she could also not open her mouth because of 2 leather straps that criss crossed her face and held a sort of a muzzle keeping her lower jaw tightly shut. The lights on the other side of the curtain went out and the murmurs stopped. A bright light was turned on that was aimed directly at her from the other side of the room. ..

Cherry Torn and Tia Ling make suitable companion's as they undergo Harmony's strict yet incredibly sexual domination. This is an exciting shoot from start to finish with lots of punishment, great bondage and anal sex!

Bdsm cartoons

Genuine power play

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Posted: 03:59, 2009-Nov-29 in bdsmtorture

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Torture sextorture stories Water bondage

I was in a kind of shock. When he came he spurted in my face and on my hand which went up to protect my eyes. Flashbulbs popped. Me topless, on my knees, Steve's cock in my face and cum dripping off my face and hand (later I was to learn that it was dripping off my ring, that was the object of the exercise). They both got up as if I wasn't even there and joined the other group. Dawn spoke up as they left. ..

Sydnee has an incredible pain tolerence and a real kink for being slapped around. DragonLily unleashes long and hard hits on her willing pain slut. Sydnee's luscious Ass, pussy, tits, face and Ass hole receive rough thorough punishments. Her ass is filled with a plug and then foot fucked in the mouth and pussy before enduring a fierce ass whipping. Lastly, she is fucked hard in the ass until orgasm.

Water bondage

Genuine submission

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Posted: 01:59, 2009-Nov-29 in bdsmtorture

lesbian incest rape videos

Bondage fiction Gay spanking

Little bdsm torture story: He'll come all over both of us, and we'll love it. I hope he comes on me more. Linda tugged on the leash. Sue found that her legs were inexplicably moving with Linda as she led her out into the hall. CUT IT OUT NOW! Shut up, bitch, your yelling will do you no good. Sue struggled against the pull of the collar, but found that her legs kept walking where ever Linda led her. Linda half dragged her across campus to Blunsdell Dorm, where they finally stopped in front of a room at which Linda knocked. ..

Sativa Rose is absolutely adorable and a complete virgin to BDSM. Dragonlily breaks her in with a combination of some pain and kinky sex.

Gay spanking

Real whipping and spanking of beautiful women


Posted: 11:11, 2009-Nov-28 in bdsmtorture

hentai lesbian shower rape

Free bdsm stories Bondage fetish

A piece of bdsm torture story: In one motion she pulled both my pants and underwear to my ankles. I could feel my cock in her throat as the muscles there massaged it. Up and down the length of my prick Karen face fucked me savagely until I could feel the cum swelling in my balls. One of her fingers went beneath the waist of her suit and into her pussy. I came like never before, the whole time with Karen's nose pressed against my flesh as she swallowed my seed. ..

This is an action packed, all girl abduction fantasy! Holly Wellin is a super pain slut. Isis and Annie go to town on her with punishment, humiliation and degrading sex. They finish her off by squirting all over her. A must see!

Bondage fetish

Female slaves get spanked/whipped


Posted: 05:20, 2009-Nov-28 in bdsmtorture

Sexy shaved girl, bound and foced to cum in dirty rundown room.

Bondage gallery Needle torture

Some bdsm torture story: One understanding that seems to be common is that, before getting into the game, neither of the participants are to indulge in alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, the word `STOP!' can be used in many situations, none of which have anything to do with actually stopping! Therefore, `Code Words' must be agreed upon well in advance, and any Dominant worth their salt will go through everything with you well in advance of the game. ..

Welcome Devaun to her first Hogtied appearance. What a debut it was! We subjected this first timer to one of our hardest, most brutal formats Hogtied has to offer: the live format. No cuts, no breaks, all on screen tying and untying. You see it all - unedited, real BDSM action as it happened. All the joy and all the agony. The safe words, the pain, the forced orgasm, and the beauty of pure spontaneity. Hang on for a fast paced trip into one of Hogtied's most successful shoots; Real Time Hogtied at its best.

Needle torture

The hottest, sexiest girls in hardcore bondage in the world

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Posted: 08:25, 2009-Nov-25 in bdsmtorture

Friends on vacation give each other oral service

Bondage torture Water bondage

Sample of bdsm torture story: Soon you will beg for it, and only then will you find release as I use you to my satisfaction. I reached out and began to caress Sue's breasts through her sweater. I caressed them for a couple of moments, then reached under her sweater and rubbed them through her shirt alone. Excellent, I thought to myself, the collar is working. They were quite large, and very soft. I reached up under her shirt, and she spoke for the first time since I touched her. ..

Hogtied continues to deliver the most beautiful females in hard bondage anywhere in the world. We bring you Tia Tanaka who personifies that statement. At nineteen years of age, Tia does her first hard bondage shoot. A virgin to BDSM, Tia finds out how enjoyable it really is. She soon finds out the true meaning of helpless and forced to cum by a strong vibrator. She is shocked at the intensity of her orgasms and how quickly her body surrenders them. She also finds out about the torment of foot caning and tickling. I only have one question, how cute and sexy can someone actually be? Tia Tanaka is the defining answer to that question.

Water bondage

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Posted: 10:38, 2009-Nov-24 in bdsmtorture

Roxy DeVille gets bound, and forced to orgasm, TIGHT BONDAGE!

Electric torture Torture drawings

Some bdsm torture story: I remember the first night we worked late. We were working in my office when five o'clock passed. I think she was worried about being alone with me. We finished the job around eight, and went home. She didn't know what to bring, what to ware to the airport, or what files to bring. I had her bring one business suit, comfortable cloths for the flight, a couple outfits for seeing the town and having dinners, and her swimsuit for the indoor pool and sauna. ..

On April 6th Hogtied shot it's first live show. It has been available in streaming format from the Live Shows link. Today we have turned the historic shoot into a downloadable shoot. If somehow you missed this, Amber Rayne was great and suffered beautifully. We did some amazing real time ties, lots of double penetration, and we forced her to cum over and over even when her body thought it could not take anymore.

Torture drawings

Real bondage, real bondage loving women/slaves

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Posted: 05:18, 2009-Nov-20 in bdsmtorture

Lena Ramon is multi-orgasmic, and loves to cum. . . hard and easy

Bondage drawings Nipple torture

Some bdsm torture story: In our previous bondage sessions, she often started out light hearted, but I had seen her passions, and knew they were waiting just under the surface. I went over to the work bench where I had set up the devices for her torture and my pleasure. I picked up a handmade macrame whip, a large bowl of hot melted red wax, and a wide leather belt and carried them to the center of the garage where Helen was suspended. ..

So what do you do when a MEMBER (2 years running) writes you, and asks if she can try it? Answer, you see if they are all talk and no action. Kassy brought it; she had an Amazonian toughness that would not break. Any other members dare to try?

Nipple torture

Shaved, bound, helpless, and horny they beg for more

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Posted: 07:53, 2009-Nov-20 in bdsmtorture

Shannon Kelly takes her first plunge into hardcore bondage.

Bondage equipment Bondage hentai

A piece of bdsm torture story: Nicole is a pretty girl, eighteen years old, blond hair. I had met her about a year before and had quickly come to know that she was submissive. However, after reading a couple of my stories, she had gotten hotter and wetter than she had ever been in her life. She arrived at the office right on time at 7:30. I'm here, she said in a hesitant voice. She moved slowly into the room. A minute or two later, I stood up and walked around my desk. ..

We have shot Maya three ways to Sunday. So what makes this shoot different? One non-stop, continuous scene. Nothing planned, even Maya didn't know this was our intention. This is a real BDSM scene done in real time, only with some slight editing of camera movement. We might do this kind of format from time to time depending on member feedback. This is as real as is gets. Before you ask, the phone calls were real, and Ben Gay really gets hot when you put it on a clit.

Bondage hentai

Helpless, bound slaves brought to intense orgasm


Posted: 03:43, 2009-Nov-16 in bdsmtorture

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